Mini Essential Oil Blend

New Mini Essential Oil Blends

New 2ml mini essential oil blends $10 per box. A nice way to sample different blends, each box includes 5 different blends under each category.

Flora Mini= Spicy Rose,Faery Garden,Southern Nights,Gypsy Nights,Dreams

Lavender Mini = Mystic Lavender,Tranquility,Ostara Breeze,Zesty Lavender,Peacefulness

Citrus Mini = Lime Mist,Herbal Citrus,Sunshine,Key West Breeze,Citrus Mist

Cindy’s Favorite= Garden Gate,Herbal Garden,Walk in the Forest,Autumn Air,Prosperity

Patchouli= Pirate Queen,Medieval Nights,Mystic Earth,Autumn Walk,Between the Shadows